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MedCV leadership has had a long and trusted relationship with Value Health founder John Rezen that began when John was the CEO of a large multi-specialty surgical group and have had the privilege of collaborating on various projects since then. Both organizations share a common mission of supporting physicians and hospitals in the Business of Healthcare. We at MedCV believe each of our Partners are "best value" resources that benefit our network if they need their respective services.

John K. Rezen

President & CEO

e: jrezen@valuehealth1.com 


MedCV Advisory Board Member

"Practice financial management and performance has never been more important" 

In the video, John shares a little about what and how Value Health helps clients. Perhaps equally important is what you learn about the culture and integrity of the company, you'll see it in Johns' personality.

Value Health helps physician group clients develop a high-performance infrastructure to achieve operational excellence, exceptional financial performance, and strong growth.

As a MedCV Advisory Board Member, John's willingness to share ideas and resources is greatly appreciated throughout the MedCV member network. John is also a trusted contributor to our blog sharing important tips and tools that can bring immediate value to the reader. One example is the 12 part Financial Improvement Series below.

Quick Read Tips You Need to Know About

Practice Financial Improvement

ValueHealth has created short “2-3 minute reads” you can sink your teeth into on what you can do to assess and improve your practice financial performance in 12 essential areas.

Each of the 12 tips in this Financial Improvement Series can quickly add CASH directly to your bottom line just by having your practice “work smarter” for you. Even if you are not directly responsible for the management of your practice, knowing this information will help you make sure you are making the income you deserve.

As hospitals and medical groups learned from the COVID- 19 economic shutdown, significant pressure to improve and optimize their financial performance should always be a top priority. The following checklist of performance measures should help physician enterprises identify financial opportunities and accelerate their improvements.

It’s in your best financial interest to make sure each of these 12 Key Performance Indicators are optimized, you understand them, and take action, even if the action you take is to share the series and your new found business insight with your group or hospital administration.

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