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When you need to add physician leaders to your organization, The Physician Leadership Career Network (PLC-Network) definitely needs to be on your sourcing list.

The PLC-Network job board is dedicated exclusively to physician leadership jobs. The PLC-Network is more than just a job board though, we believe a distinct competitive advantage PLC has over others, is the hands-on healthcare executive recruitment experience and personal client consultive support founder Kurt Scott brings.

Leadership of PLC and Ki have a long history of working together on a number of initiatives, we highly recommend you consider working with PLC-Network.

Candidates will see PLC postings on the MedCV job board as well and of course you can easily push your healthcare executive postings to both job boards from your Ki ATS.

p: 352.329.6070

e: kurt@plc-network.com

Tampa, Florida

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PLC-Network job postings

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Our strategic partnership with the Physician Leadership Career Network has brought a new opportunity to our physician members and client organizations to participate in this exclusive scholarship program. Now, through the PLC-Network Scholarship Program, you and your colleagues can earn an Ivy League Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership at Brown University! As a MedCV Member, this scholarship opportunity reduces tuition costs by 10% to 25%!

PLC-Network’s founder and CEO, Kurt Scott, is a 34-year veteran as a leader in the physician and physician executive recruitment industry. His experience includes both in-house recruitment along with for-profit search firm leadership and development.

Kurt’s is a past president of the AAPPR, formerly the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR), where he was an active speaker for ASPR’s national educational conference and led the development of ASPR’s fellowship program geared at developing the next generation of physician recruitment leaders.

The PLC-Network model is laser focused on just one thing, physician leadership jobs. Secondly, they have developed a focused social media audience of physician leaders of over 12,000 first connections and over 1,100,000 second degree connections. Postings are pushed out to the network in direct job postings as well as related groups. the job board currently has 100 to 150 unique visitors per week viewing 350 to 500 pages each week! 50% of their visitors return 2 or more times.

The PLC-Network blog articles about physician leadership are written by several well-known leadership experts such as Quint Studer, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Terri Christensen.

As a result of our Teaming Partnership, you will also receive a 10% discount. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of what our trusted partner has available to you.

Meet the Founder

Kurt Scott

Founder & CEO, The Physician Leadership Career Network



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