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Are you prepared to navigate complicated Medicare requirements for MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System)? Successful reporting can significantly bolster your revenue, up to 31% of your Medicare Part B FFS reimbursements!

MIPS is the program that will determine Medicare payment adjustments. Using a composite performance score, eligible clinicians (ECs) may receive a payment bonus, a payment penalty, or no payment adjustment.

Our Teaming Partner HealthMonix is purpose built to help. Led by CEO Lauren Patrick, the HealthMonix team are genuinely experts, the kind of people you want to take care of this for you! We encourage you to see for yourself, they will take this task off your "To Do & Stressor" list for you.

p: 888.720.4100

e: contact@healthmonix.com

72 Swedesford Road Suite #110

Malvern, PA 19355

“We have developed a set of tools that really help healthcare providers meet some of the most challenging opportunities they have in their business… specifically as it relates to the ever changing reimbursement landscape.”

Lauren Patrick, CEO, HealthMonix

Healthmonix helps thousands of healthcare professionals achieve top 1% level quality reporting, while combining quality measurement technology and clinical education tools to achieve best-practice interventions.

HealthMonix transforms reporting data into learning and staff training opportunities, focused on delivering best in class, competitive, quality care. Healthmonix has been a CMS certified registry since 2009, achieving a 100% success rate.

The 2020 update requires new strategies to meet higher benchmarks, updating retired measures, adjusting for new thresholds, and keeping up with evolving rules.

The HealthMonix team takes care of all of this for you. You will appreciate their professionalism and the level of Customer Care you will experience. We know they will take care of you, give them a call to see if they are a fit for you.

Meet leadership

Lauren Patrick

President & CEO


Eduardo Chavero

Chief Technology Officer, and Security and Privacy Officer


Phillip A. Spence

Strategic Partnership Manager



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MedCV Teaming Partner

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