MedCV Charity & Giving Teaming Partners

MedCV finds Giving Partners that not only feeds your soul but will also directly or indirectly bring value to your practice. We look for organizations that will help promote your brand, help build team cohesion within your team, and sometimes even help your patients but always, Partners who will help your practice.


Teaming & Resource Partners

  • Team Building
  • Public Relations & Branding
  • Patient Fitness & Wellness
Team Building

"One is none and two is One" - US Navy SEALs. Ask them about initiatives and tools that promote team building and "challenges" promoting team spirit.

Public Relations & Branding

An easy way to extend your brand and story. Incorporate and utilize the good will of respected Partners

Patient Fitness & Wellness

Many non-profits have fundraising initiatives that promote fitness and wellness. This can benefit both your team and your patients.