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Remote Patient Monitoring

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With a collective knowledge of almost 90 years of experience in healthcare, the AllHealth CHOICE team created a Remote Monitoring Solution (RMS) to help Providers, their patients, and caregivers.

We wanted to add AllHealth CHOICE as a Teaming Partner because providers can now bill for CCM and RPM in the same month for the same patient we believe adding this service to your practice is an easy no-cost decision that will increase your practice revenue without adding more work to your day or to your team. AllHealth CHOICE's add-on is essentially a managed service model providing end-to-end, turn-key Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services you can bill for.

John RoddySr.

Sales Executive

T: (404) 996-0086 Ext. 6011

Primary : (615) 713-1211

e: jroddy@allhealthchoice.com

3920 Arkwright Rd #140,

Macon, GA 31210

"Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), now billable .... just having 250 patients monitored could yield an additional $150,000 in practice Gross Profit per year" 

AllHealth CHOICE integrates the latest in remote health and activity monitoring, telehealth, socialization, patient engagement, and care coordination technologies into one comprehensive service combined with dedicated, 24/7 nurse care managers and navigators.

Here's the math: ”significant net new RPM revenue/profit” (example:  estimated $115 pp/pm gross revenue “for every 250” monitored/managed RPM patients X 12 months = $350,000/yr. in gross revenue yielding $150,000/yr. in gross profit (after AHC fees).

Plus your patients and caregivers will benefit from improved quality of care, access, outcomes, reduced readmissions (by +/- 50%) / hospitalizations / ED visits (by +/- 70%), and overall cost savings…


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